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Cobalt (or royal) blue has to be one of my favorite colors, both in fashion and decorating settings. The rich tone works well year-round, and has a sophisticated yet fun feeling. I’m not sure I have the nerve to paint a whole room cobalt blue, yet I love the idea of incorporating the color into my life with clothing and smaller home accessories.

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Cobalt blue is vibrant yet calming, rich yet approachable…pretty much a perfect color for any and all scenarios. Here are a few home décor elements, are well as clothing and accessories, that feature this killer color.

1. cream & sugar set, $30 here 2. set of 6 tumblers, $42.50 here 3. silk throw pillow cover, $17.50 here 4. set of 5 glass & brass knobs, $30 here 5. velvet round pillow, $33 here 6. 100% wool 2×3 rug, $63 here


1. suede envelope clutch, $63 here 2. color block pleated skirt, $82 here 3. skinny jeans, $88 here 4. studded clutch, $45 here 5. bb dakota dress, $60 here 6. suede platform heels, $70 here 7. nail polish, $2.80 here

Happy friday!

The scene: A Louboutin-clad Blake Lively, helping field audience member “design dilemmas” on the Nate Berkus show. A viewer says she LOVES shoes, yet doesn’t know how to organize the giant pile of them that keeps growing in her closet.

Blake- “You should donate them. There is a wonderful charity called blah blah blah that helps needy women prepare for the working world.”

Audience Member- “Girl, I know you did NOT  just tell me to give my shoes away???!? Are you crazy?!”

For those of us that are on team audience-member (’cause not all of us are man-eating movie stars whose beautiful shoe collection runneth over), here are some great ways to showcase your prized kicks.

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Just like your jewelry, great shoes deserve a starring role in your home décor! Happy superbowl weekend everyone…(go Pats!!)

Very little compares to a classic, well-made pair of leather boots: the way each shoe molds to your foot, the scuffs and color variations that add to the leather’s character over time, and most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing your boots will be with you for many seasons to come.

Frye boots are naturally a go-to company for quality kicks (they’ve been making boots since 1863!), which makes dropping a couple bills on a pair seem like a worthy investment. Yet circa 2008, my good friend Elena discovered Xelement: a boot company that caters to motorcyclists (so legit) AND makes harness boots that give Frye’s version a run for their money. Looks like it’s time for a faceoff…

  1. Xelement women’s classic harness distressed brown motorcycle boots, $75
  2. Frye harness 12R tan boot, $228
  3. Frye belted harness chestnut boot, $238
  4. Xelement women’s dark brown crushed super harness boots, $75

When it comes to the harness line of Fryes, it is most certainly worthwhile to consider a pair of Xelement boots instead. Although their website is a bit daunting (it is marketed towards bikers, after all), the $150+ price difference can’t be beat!

As for the quality of their products: I’ve owned the super harness boots for four years now (which I endearingly refer to as my sh*tkickers), and they truly have stood the test of time. I love them muchos. Plus, I’ve been asked dozens of times if they were Frye boots…score!


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