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Lately my watch-clad wrists have been feeling rather lonely, so I’ve been searching (with little luck) for bracelets to keep them company. The hunt stops at honestly…wtf, a serious a goldmine for jewelry tutorials (and more!) that are cool as all hell.  First up? A quick & easy hex nut bracelet.

{tutorial here}

Nuts braided into string or leather?? So genius! Here a few more of my favorite diy ideas from honestly…wtf (♥ the name, btw).

{diy braided bead bracelet}

{diy chainmail necklace: I’d love to make this in a shorter version}

{Miu Miu-inspired heels: if only I had somewhere fab to wear these…}

I love how their jewelry (and glitzy shoes) look polished and store-bought, even when working with such basic supplies. Now off to the hardware store I go…

What girl doesn’t look and feel more fabulous when adorned with jewels? I figure your walls share the same sentiment. After all, necklaces oftentimes are works of art, so it totally makes sense to showcase them as such! Hanging up your jewelry is an easy home décor technique that I love for a number of reasons:

1. adds color, depth and texture to an otherwise bare wall

2. Helps organize and visualize your collection, (which in turn makes getting dressed easier)

{display using anthropologie drawer pulls…love it, but $80 for 10 knobs? Pass.}

3. In small apartments, provides an opportunity to free up the little dresser space you have (a HUGE plus if you have petit nyc pad like me!)

And perhaps most importantly…it’s (practically) free! You’ve already spent your hard-earned cash monies on the jewels, so why not flaunt what you’ve got?

{diy tutorial here}

{find a stick, MacGyver it to a wall, and voilà! I also love this faux-branch}

{great arrangement, but this color scheme seriously reminds me of my grandma}

Small nails or hooks can get the job done, since your jewels are visually appealing as is. I find myself most drawn to the neutral pieces (white antlers, branches, and  clear acrylic knobs), since they create additional depth without distracting from the necklaces. If the basic hardware route isn’t doing it for you, here’s a roundup of  inexpensive display pieces.

  1. Urban Outfitters white branch hooks (set of 2), $20
  2. Urban Outfitters deer head hook, $29
  3. D. Lawless Hardware clear acrylic knob, $1.60
  4. Amerock satin nickel & clear glass knob, $2.69
  5. Open Tip large solid crystal glass pull, $4.94 (pictured in dark cobalt blue & green)
  6. Liberty Design Facets victorian glass knob, $4 (pictured in pink, green {so similar to the anthropologie pulls!} & clear)
  7. OOK steel daisy upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  8. OOK large brass-plated upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  9. OOK hammered oxford upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  10. A fabulous diy deer head using a plastic deer from ebay & a bottle of white spraypaint, approximately $35
  11. West Elm papier-mâché large antlers, $29
  12. Etsy picture frame jewelry holder, $26 {strictly for inspiration—I’m sure you can make something better with a spraypainted vintage frame and some mesh }
  13. Urban Outfitters bronze branch hooks (set of 2), $20

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