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IMG_20140318_162245A major perk (in my opinion) of working in a furniture showroom = constant redecorating. I’ve been given the privilege of designing Bungalow 5′s NYC showroom vignettes, which are switched up every three months or so. Since the space is over 7000 square ft, this is no small undertaking… but time after time, the look and feel of the showroom is redefined by each new incoming collection.





IMG_20140318_171702Each showroom installation takes an immense amount of time, work, and creative energy, but I’m always blown away by how much I truly enjoy the entire process. The days fly by when you’re busy doing what you love!


xox Jess


Exposed cabinets have always been appealing to me, especially in small kitchens that lack a distinct focal point. By removing a few doors, your dishes and cooking accessories instantly become a collection of art. And for those who rent, creating an open shelf display is a great way to (temporarily) update your kitchen—for free!


All of these stunning cabinets add depth and color to their spaces, which in turn makes each kitchen a much more visually intriguing environment. Do your cooking supplies deserve the same treatment?

Your place of work—be it an office, cubicle, or makeshift station—is more than likely an environment where you spend the majority of your day. Do you feel inspired by this space, or is it strictly business? Perhaps somewhere in between? I’ve found that the most productive spaces provide both: creative stimulation, as well as basic functionality. How this duality is achieved relies entirely on your personal taste. You could be drawn to…

{bold florals in a home office, via}

{a monochromatic, clean space, via}

{a vintage-inspired workspace, via}
{or the vibrant, spacious office of my dreams, via}

Regardless of your profession, taste, and literal amount space, here are a few essential components of a workspace that I believe achieve style with purpose:

Embellished bulletin boards. A staple of every office, patiently waiting for you to infuse it with some character. Simply tack or staple on some fabric, and voilà! it becomes a statement piece instead of a boring slab of cork.

{fabric-covered bulletin boards, shown here}
{multiple patterns & materials, via}
{diy inspiration using upholstery nails & fabric, via}

Clipboard organizers. Another great way to organize your work is to hang a cluster of clipboards on a wall. Better yet, cover the boards with fabric, paper, or any other material to add an additional layer of visual interest.

{diy clipboard wall, via}
{ various groupings, via}
{papered boards that add purpose to the wall,  via}

Photo strings. A quick and easy decorative element that will transform your workspace. Instead of jumbling all of your notes and pictures onto boards, consider stringing them up using wire and clips. Extra points for color-coordinated groupings like these!


A stylish mouse pad. An office necessity that has boundless potential for personality. For a look that matches your taste, cover your existing mouse pad with a fabric remnant (tutorial here). Great affordable options are also available from online retailers.

{homemade with a scrap from an old purse, featured here}

{blue & white chevron, $9.50 sold here}

{coral ikat, $11.60 sold here}

{pricy, yet luxurious pink & gold leather, $35 here. I bet you could diy with a piece of leather & metallic paint!}

A unique calendar. Both decorative and functional calendars are available that put their standard-issued siblings to shame. Plus if you invest in a nice month-to-month set, you can frame your favorite prints when the year is over!

 {Top photo shown here, bottom row is on sale for $14 here)

Month-to-month prints are also available to download & print (for free!) from many graphic designers. I love this free calendar, featuring a rustic cabin scene that changes with each month’s weather. This is a great free option as well.

If you need additional space to organize your schedule, why not trade your staples-brand dry erase calendar for something a bit more unique? This one is available in pretty much any color under the rainbow, and can be used for years to come.

{dry erase wall calendar, $35 here)

A fun coffee cup. I don’t know about you guys, but in my world work+coffee go hand-in-hand. Accessorize your desk with a fun mug that you wouldn’t necessarily incorporate into your set at home…you only rock one cup at work, so you might as well make a statement with it!

{these West Elm mugs have been on sale for $6 for weeks, so get ‘em while you can}
{I love the gold detail on the lip of these mugs, $8 each here}
{as always, anthropologie has an adorable selection of mugs. At $12 a pop a whole set would be pricy, but it’s totally doable when only buying one}

PLANTS. The more the merrier. There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped inside a building, so bring a piece of the outdoors in with an (almost) death-proof variety here. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s bound to be a few that could call your workspace home…plus you can whisper sweet nothings to it when you’re stressing the eff out over your never-ending deadlines. They’ll listen, I swear.

{succulents & more from here, here, and here}

And finally, above all…

Kindness and hard work will get you much further than any chic inspiration board or flashy mouse pad….although no one’s saying we can’t have it all! Happy decorating,

The scene: A Louboutin-clad Blake Lively, helping field audience member “design dilemmas” on the Nate Berkus show. A viewer says she LOVES shoes, yet doesn’t know how to organize the giant pile of them that keeps growing in her closet.

Blake- “You should donate them. There is a wonderful charity called blah blah blah that helps needy women prepare for the working world.”

Audience Member- “Girl, I know you did NOT  just tell me to give my shoes away???!? Are you crazy?!”

For those of us that are on team audience-member (’cause not all of us are man-eating movie stars whose beautiful shoe collection runneth over), here are some great ways to showcase your prized kicks.

{shoes on molding, diy instructions via}

{shoe cabinet, via}

{shoe ladder, via}

{shoes down stairs, via}
{shoe shelving, via}

Just like your jewelry, great shoes deserve a starring role in your home décor! Happy superbowl weekend everyone…(go Pats!!)

What girl doesn’t look and feel more fabulous when adorned with jewels? I figure your walls share the same sentiment. After all, necklaces oftentimes are works of art, so it totally makes sense to showcase them as such! Hanging up your jewelry is an easy home décor technique that I love for a number of reasons:

1. adds color, depth and texture to an otherwise bare wall

2. Helps organize and visualize your collection, (which in turn makes getting dressed easier)

{display using anthropologie drawer pulls…love it, but $80 for 10 knobs? Pass.}

3. In small apartments, provides an opportunity to free up the little dresser space you have (a HUGE plus if you have petit nyc pad like me!)

And perhaps most importantly…it’s (practically) free! You’ve already spent your hard-earned cash monies on the jewels, so why not flaunt what you’ve got?

{diy tutorial here}

{find a stick, MacGyver it to a wall, and voilà! I also love this faux-branch}

{great arrangement, but this color scheme seriously reminds me of my grandma}

Small nails or hooks can get the job done, since your jewels are visually appealing as is. I find myself most drawn to the neutral pieces (white antlers, branches, and  clear acrylic knobs), since they create additional depth without distracting from the necklaces. If the basic hardware route isn’t doing it for you, here’s a roundup of  inexpensive display pieces.

  1. Urban Outfitters white branch hooks (set of 2), $20
  2. Urban Outfitters deer head hook, $29
  3. D. Lawless Hardware clear acrylic knob, $1.60
  4. Amerock satin nickel & clear glass knob, $2.69
  5. Open Tip large solid crystal glass pull, $4.94 (pictured in dark cobalt blue & green)
  6. Liberty Design Facets victorian glass knob, $4 (pictured in pink, green {so similar to the anthropologie pulls!} & clear)
  7. OOK steel daisy upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  8. OOK large brass-plated upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  9. OOK hammered oxford upholstery nails (25 pack), $1
  10. A fabulous diy deer head using a plastic deer from ebay & a bottle of white spraypaint, approximately $35
  11. West Elm papier-mâché large antlers, $29
  12. Etsy picture frame jewelry holder, $26 {strictly for inspiration—I’m sure you can make something better with a spraypainted vintage frame and some mesh }
  13. Urban Outfitters bronze branch hooks (set of 2), $20

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