Camera Style: Pt 1

{clockwise 1, 2,  3}

Cameras are quickly becoming a prevalent part of many a girl’s ensemble, so I love the idea of dressing them up to reflect your style. After all, they hang on your neck or wrist like any other accessory–would you normally wear an unsightly black nylon necklace if there wasn’t a camera attached to it? Many budget-friendly and diy options are available in a range of looks:

Girly {a no-sew diy that only requires an old strap, rhinestones  and glue!}
Preppy {this is a diy project inspired by this $168 Roberu strap}
Glitzy {another diy with glitter, rhinestones & mod podge (I totally want to do this with just black glitter for a more understated feeling of glamour)}

And everything in between! {leathers, chords & prints}
  1. Pocketful of Pretty diy camera strap, approximately $10 in supplies
  2. iMo black & white camera strap, $26
  3. Wander leather strap, $44 {i know this is borderline pricey, but quality leather accessories are hard to come by! I bet a diy version is doable.}
  4. iMo white braid camera strap, $22


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