Camera Style: Pt 2 (DIY Chain Strap)

Black and gold accessories dominate my wardrobe, so my design crush on this SFK camera strap came as no surprise. As I sat pining over the pricy chain, it struck me: I have a pleather quilted purse in the back of my closet that I haven’t used in years, as well an old pair of black sneaks from my waitressing days.  Weave, cut, add upholstery nails and glue, and voilà! A (free!) homemade version the camera accessory I craved.

Almost every time I go thrift shopping, I spy a great chain strap attached to a vinyl/plastic-y I-wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-wearing-you bag. These are the perfect (cheap!) candidates for this diy project—plus it’s fun to cut up the eyesore and make it into something new. As for sourcing the rest of the supplies: nails (check your local hardware store first), slide & loop (i stole mine off of an old camera strap), and glue.

Doesn’t my babygirl look happy in her new digs? Keep in mind that you can totally customize this diy to your personal style; depending on the materials, this strap can have multiple looks. Consider a silver chain, bright shoelaces, leather cord, a tassle…whatever you’re drawn to! Here are some more tips:

  • Cutting off the shoelace tip made weaving through the chain easier.
  • Hang the chain around your neck to determine how long you’d like your camera strap, and remove links as necessary (I took off about 6 inches of length).
  • Cut all the way down to the bottom of your purse when making the strips (step 3), so each side has as much length of possible (it’s better to have straps that are too long than too short!)
  • When applying the glue (step 7), pinch the folds together for 30 seconds before pushing in the nails. This gives your glue some time to dry.

For more on accessorizing your camera, check out Camera Style: Pt 1


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