String Light Décor

Twinkly string lights (done right) add a warm, romantic glow to any space. Plus, you probably have a few strands left over from the holidays, so you might as well use what you’ve got! To avoid a Christmas decoration-esque look, steer clear of framing doors and ceilings with lights. Instead, try one (or more) of these year-round approved styles.

{lights emphasize this beautiful bed frame & exposed ceiling}

{for those with a glass table: wrap lights around frame & cover with a sheer cloth.}

{diy light embellishments: cut egg cartons into flower blooms! Via here & here}

{these illuminated jugs would look great in a bookcase or grouped on a desk. You could also add a sheer fabric to the outside of the glass for more visual interest.}

{poke holes through canvas to brighten a print you’ve grown tired of, or create your own twinkly design! Via here & here}

{dress up your mirror. After all, everyone looks better in soft lighting.}

{diy paper cubes: Don’t these totally remind you of your childhood? I love the way they look on this headboard. Also, these would be fun in a patterned paper.}

{hung in rows behind a sheer curtain: a soft & inviting technique that could be used as a room divider or as a backdrop to a couch or bed}

Most of these looks use mini christmas lights, which are available here. If you’re feeling flush and have a worthy project, you could  also spring for these Restoration Hardware lights.

The fine wires that power these strings give the illusion of floating lights. So pretty.


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