DIY Jewels from Honestly…WTF


Lately my watch-clad wrists have been feeling rather lonely, so I’ve been searching (with little luck) for bracelets to keep them company. The hunt stops at honestly…wtf, a serious a goldmine for jewelry tutorials (and more!) that are cool as all hell.  First up? A quick & easy hex nut bracelet.

{tutorial here}

Nuts braided into string or leather?? So genius! Here a few more of my favorite diy ideas from honestly…wtf (♥ the name, btw).

{diy braided bead bracelet}

{diy chainmail necklace: I’d love to make this in a shorter version}

{Miu Miu-inspired heels: if only I had somewhere fab to wear these…}

I love how their jewelry (and glitzy shoes) look polished and store-bought, even when working with such basic supplies. Now off to the hardware store I go…

4 thoughts on “DIY Jewels from Honestly…WTF

  1. I saw that hex bracelet on another site with a picture of a store bought version costing hundreds of dollars! Great diy! so crave-worthy!

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