Household Tool Transformation

I’m currently taking a few interior design courses, one of which assigned the task of measuring my entire apartment (in anticipation of creating a digital floor plan). Easy enough, right? Only problem was that I didn’t own a tape measure…err to Home Depot I go!

I walked in with high hopes of scoring a cheap, yet chic measuring tape, but instead found 1/2 an isle’s worth of industrial-strength, manly man tools. So I stood there, staring…scheming…..till (ding!) I remembered this croc-embossed black felt I recently bought.

{on sale here for only $.55 a sheet!}

With a makeover plan in mind, I settled on a 25-foot $3 tape. It most definitely does the trick for my assignment, yes, but for my style? Hell no. Who says everyday objects have to be mundane, anyways?


  • a measuring tape (duh!), preferably with plastic sides
  • felt (or fabric, or leather, or ribbon, or contact paper…)
  • sharpie
  • a piece of paper
  • spray adhesive (I used this), or any suitable craft glue
  • scissors
  • screw driver
  • (optional) chain or leather cord

I used these oh-so out of my price range Jimmy Choo wellington boots as my inspiration: crocodile-print, black, with gold hardware. (I know, I need to branch out of my black & gold-ness). Anyways, here we go…

  1. Remove side hardware. (I decided since I’m not a handyman by trade, I’d opt to keep the belt clip off)
  2. Create a pattern for your felt, covering as much plastic as you can.
  3. Measure twice, cut once! (doesn’t this look like a cute tape measure ear muff? tehe)
  4. Color in any exposed plastic bits with black sharpie, plus any edges that could peek out from behind the felt.
  5. Carefully adhere your felt to the plastic.
  6. If you’d like, cut off the plastic strap, yet keep the connecting loop intact. (I had some leftover chain from my diy camera strap, so I weaved some felt through it to make a new wrist strap)
  7. Attach your new strap, tie & trim your string as necessary. Now go measure something!

Every once in a while designers come out with limited editions of chic tapes, yet they’re usually expensive, hard to come by, and more stylish than fully functional (aka 8″ long). I’m surprised there aren’t more readily available for all the lady designers of the world!

{marc by marc jacobs}


{cynthia rowley}

In all seriousness, I prefer my diy creation over all of these designer variations. And if you pick up some materials that speak to your style, I’m sure you could also become infatuated with a tasteful measuring tape of your very own!

Have a great weekend, and thanks to everyone for your overwhelming support and encouragement this past week ♥

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