Wall-less Wallpaper

{pink wallpaper unifies the bookcases & furniture,  via}

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about wallpaper, yet its hefty price tag (and my rental situation) has kept such a project at bay. And what if I eventually grew tired of the bold look I thought I was obsessed with? This fear of commitment got me thinking–there must be a way to temporarily incorporate a print into my home décor.

When I stumbled upon this leopard-print fuzzy paper at the craft store last week, I knew I had found my solution. The lush, yet completely affordable pattern would be the perfect backdrop for my bookcase-turned-tv-stand I’ve been dying to revamp!

{Anna Griffin Peyton Collection- Flocked Leopard, $1/sheet at Michael’s}

I got this bookcase at the Christmas Tree Shop last year (I believe it was about $30? So cheap!), since I loved the lines of the piece. What I was not so enamored with, however, was its baby blue color. The eyesore recently moved to front-and-center of my living room, so it was time to perform a furniture facelift.

All I did was paint the shelf and attach 6 sheets of the leopard paper using double-stick tape. Such a huge difference, right?! I love how the animal print draws your eye down from the blackness of the television, plus creates contrast that emphasizes the great shape of the bookcase.

Lessons learned:

  1. Wallpaper does not have to be reserved for walls; instead, think outside of the box! Consider adding a print to a dresser, lining your closet/cabinets/drawers, framing a bit as art, or backing a shelf like I did.
  2. The application does not have to be permanent. There are tons of adhesives that will get the job done that are completely removable, so you can change your print with your mood/if you move. Renters rejoice!
  3. Finally, any sort of paper (or fabric) can do the trick. Traditional wallpapers are worth the investment if you’re a homeowner, yet smaller pieces can be transformed using any sort of paper, giftwrap, corkboard, fabric, ribbon….you’re only limited by your imagination.

I’m quite enamored with this transformation, especially considering its barely-there price (I spent about $10).  And the best part is that the commitment-phobe in me can relax knowing that the leopard can be swapped out as quickly as it was taped in.

I know animal prints aren’t for anyone, so here are a few more inspiring nontraditional uses of wallpaper.

{wallpaper defines a home office space, via}

{closets get  pop of print, via}

{surprise! a mix of prints lining the bottom of a tall shelving unit, via}



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