Hip Housewares from Alice Supply Co.

Every once in a while you’ll come across a company that really seems to get you. For me, such is true with Alice Supply Co., whose brightly hued housewares were created from the “concept of taking mundane household items and giving them a little personality.” Um did they make this brand especially for moi??!

The California-based company also has killer marketing, featuring fun, retro-inspired lifestyle shots.


“Giving a nostalgic nod to the Brady Bunch’s witty housekeeper, Alice Supply Co. has even the domestically challenged sweeping and plunging. Alice has injected a fashionable dose of color and humor into the bleached-out abyss of household cleaning supplies, hopefully making chores a little less laborious.” -Alice’s about us

Even their website’s interactive home page is fun to play with! Damn Alice, you’ve totally sold me.

{homepage static screenshot. I love the catch phrases displayed when you hold your mouse over the green girl! Play with it here}

I definitely want some Alice gear in my life, yet I my small-budget-oriented brain can’t justify spending $26 on a dust pan or $30 on a broom. (Maybe with some spray paint or patterned contact paper I could update my own set?)

Fear not, I believe my Alice cravings may be fulfilled in the form of this plunger, who manages to make a utterly unglamorous bathroom necessity look stylish and fun. And for $20, how can you beat that? (FYI basic plungers are $5-30).

{available here}

Have you ever seen such a hip housewares-oriented brand? I certainly haven’t. Great work, Alice!

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