Chasing a Dream

Can you believe it’s February already?? As the first month of 2012 quickly came and went, I found myself reflecting on all of the significant life changes I’ve gone through lately: quitting my job to move to a new state, finding a new apartment, exploring a new career path, and a getting to know a whole new city!

This transitional phase is overwhelming at times, yet I’m so happy that I took the leap of faith towards my dream of becoming an interior designer. In that vein, here are a few home décor photos that currently make me smile…

{neutral walls & art with a bold couch, via}

{an ikat headboard that haunts my dreams, via}

{colorblocked bookcase, via}

{bright printed pillow & tufted headboard, via}

{peacock blue walls shown here, via Belle Maison}

Here’s to a month filled with personal progress and joy! I have a good feeling about you, February….

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