Creative Shoe Displays

The scene: A Louboutin-clad Blake Lively, helping field audience member “design dilemmas” on the Nate Berkus show. A viewer says she LOVES shoes, yet doesn’t know how to organize the giant pile of them that keeps growing in her closet.

Blake- “You should donate them. There is a wonderful charity called blah blah blah that helps needy women prepare for the working world.”

Audience Member- “Girl, I know you did NOT  just tell me to give my shoes away???!? Are you crazy?!”

For those of us that are on team audience-member (’cause not all of us are man-eating movie stars whose beautiful shoe collection runneth over), here are some great ways to showcase your prized kicks.

{shoes on molding, diy instructions via}

{shoe cabinet, via}

{shoe ladder, via}

{shoes down stairs, via}
{shoe shelving, via}

Just like your jewelry, great shoes deserve a starring role in your home décor! Happy superbowl weekend everyone…(go Pats!!)

3 thoughts on “Creative Shoe Displays

  1. its so funny to see that pic of the 2 girls coz the one on the right is me hahaha and now i see my pic everywhere. its amazing with what you put out on the internet and how it travels to so many things

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