Sad Pats, Happy Spaces

This week, I’m experiencing something I could’ve done without: life in enemy territory following a hometown team Superbowl loss (for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Bostonian who lives in Manhattan). And there’s going to be a parade, too?! Ick. So as a pick-me-up, I’ve rounded up a few interiors that are bright, vibrant, and happy—the complete opposite of the feelings evoked regarding the Pats.

{turquoise and pantone’s color of the year, tangerine tango, via}
{bold yellow with charcoal gray, via}

{deep jewel tones with aqua walls, via}
{vibrant blues, via}

{fully-saturated purple, via}

It’s hard to hold onto any bitterness while feasting your eyes on spaces like these! Better luck next time, boys.

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