Hangin’ with Martha

(diy paper lanterns, via}

Last week, a friend of mine had an extra ticket to a Martha Stewart show taping and asked if I’d be interested in coming along. Umm hell to the yes?! was my reaction. I can’t say that I’ve ever really been a fan of Martha (although I do love her wrapping paper line), but figured it’d be a fun way to spend the morning. Plus I wanted to see what all the Martha fuss was about!

{our view of martha in all of her glory}

We heard a rumor that the show we’d be seeing was an “expecting mothers” theme, so I braced myself for a room full of hormonal women and swag bags overflowing with breast pumps and bottles (…clearly I am not with child). To our delight, the episode turned out to be Martha’s annual “dog show,” featuring champion doggies from the Westminster dog competition. And then to make it even better, they sat us in the first freaking row. The cameras started rolling, Martha announced she has a champion chow chow (she would), and the cutie came out during the first segment.


Needless to say, I was entertained. And Martha and I totally made eye contact. And I was on live TV for a solid 30 seconds (Martha interviewed the dog show judge sitting next to me). Hehe. Since the show, I’ve noticed that a handful of my bookmarked crafting and home organization ideas are actually from camp Martha. Apparently I was a fan of the insider-trading blondie all along?! Here are a five of my favorite tips and tricks from the homemaking legend:

{decorative tiles using lace & spray paint, via}
{sheet sets stored inside one of their pillowcases, via}
{guilded bookends using bricks, a hammer & spray paint, via}

{perfect flower arrangements using clear tape and a bowl, via}
{rainbow cake, via}

What are your thoughts on the infamous Martha Stewart? Love? Hate? Love to hate? And who knew she was such a hottie back in the day?!


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