Bedside Task Lamps

Brass lamp Furbish Studio

Since moving to NYC, I’ve garnered a serious appreciation of space. I’m not talking about Sandra-Bullock-lost-in-space space… I mean snagging a decent spot on a crowded subway train, having elbow room in a hallway-esque restaurant, and at home, finding the best way to maximize any/all available surface space. Enter the task lamp: a versatile accessory with a slender profile and (often) budget-friendly price tag.

Task lamps are traditionally found in libraries and offices, but they work just as well as bedroom lamps—especially when space is tight and a larger table lamp isn’t an option.

Despite having very small bedside tables, each of these rooms are well-lit (with surface space to spare) thanks to the use of task lamps.

Now, where to buy?? My favorite budget-friendly lamp is from West Elm, and comes in multiple finishes for $79-$99….



Whether your space is large, small, modern or traditional, a task lamp can serve as a functional, stylish lighting option. Here are a few more selections, all (except the first 2) priced at $150 or less!




1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

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