Do What You Love, Love What You Do


A major perk (in my opinion) of working in a furniture showroom = constant redecorating. I’ve been given the privilege of designing Bungalow 5’s NYC showroom vignettes, which are switched up every three months or so. Since the space is over 7000 square ft, this is no small undertaking… but time after time, the look and feel of the showroom is redefined by each new incoming collection.

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Monochrome Décor

Oh how I’ve missed you, New Déjà Vu. Close to two years have gone by since my last post, so rather than fret over wasted time, let’s jump right back in the mix… first up, a glimpse of my new(ish) Brooklyn pad!

I wanted my bedroom to have a dark, moody feel, so I opted for deep gray walls (Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal) with gray furniture and linens. To keep the monochromatic look from falling flat, I added plenty of sparkle with silver trays, lucite and mercury glass lamps, a homemade jewelry display and healthy dose of mirrors.

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Decorating with Neon


There’s no denying that neon is back with a vengeance, both in fashion and home decorating. Although I’d never recommend investing too much into trends, you don’t need to break the bank to get on the neon décor train—a coat of paint or small throw pillow can easily make a huge impact. My favorite application of neon is paired with deep gray backdrops, since the duo is subdued and vibrant all at once (yet seems much more modern than the tacky neon of the 80’s).

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Budget-Friendly Throw Pillows

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Decorative throw pillows are quite possibly the quickest, most effective way to change the look of a room. With just a few, you can update a couch from frumpy to festive, or transform a bed into an inviting, cozy space. Only problem? Nice throw pillows often break the bank, so I’ve rounded up my favorite picks—all priced at $40 or (way) less.

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