Do What You Love, Love What You Do


A major perk (in my opinion) of working in a furniture showroom = constant redecorating. I’ve been given the privilege of designing Bungalow 5’s NYC showroom vignettes, which are switched up every three months or so. Since the space is over 7000 square ft, this is no small undertaking… but time after time, the look and feel of the showroom is redefined by each new incoming collection.

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New Beginnings

{bunglalow 5’s langham desk, featured in Traditional Home magazine}

First and foremost, sorry for the lapse in posts…in the past 7 days, I’ve had the pleasure of going on (what felt like) 239,028,392 job interviews, and was also hit with as a slew of midterm assignments for my design courses. Now that the dust of last week has cleared, I’m happily employed at a drop-dead-gorgeous furniture showroom in chelsea, and I’m technically on spring break….wahoo!!

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Custom Coffee Tables


Coffee tables are a furniture staple that I’ve always bought exclusively from thrift stores. As long as the lines of the piece are attractive, you can easily refurbish a table for a fraction of the price you’d find in retail stores. For instance, I snagged this table for under $20 at Goodwill, and with some sandpaper and a few coats of paint, transformed it into a fresh white centerpiece for our living room.

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Couch Time

As this week winds down, I want nothing more than to put my brain on time-out and lounge on a couch…

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