Manhattan (Stay)cation


Since moving to new york this past fall, we’ve had a constant stream of house guests seeking a taste of the city.  The ceaseless entertaining could stress out some, but I truly love having an excuse to act like a tourist (sans shame).

This weekend I’m looking forward to museum-hopping, trekking across town for a shake shack burger or ruben from katz’s, strolling around central park, and taking on the night with some of my greatest friends. Here are a few spots I may visit during my manhattan stay-cation…

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Camera Style: Pt 2 (DIY Chain Strap)

Black and gold accessories dominate my wardrobe, so my design crush on this SFK camera strap came as no surprise. As I sat pining over the pricy chain, it struck me: I have a pleather quilted purse in the back of my closet that I haven’t used in years, as well an old pair of black sneaks from my waitressing days.  Weave, cut, add upholstery nails and glue, and voilà! A (free!) homemade version the camera accessory I craved.

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Camera Style: Pt 1

{clockwise 1, 2,  3}

Cameras are quickly becoming a prevalent part of many a girl’s ensemble, so I love the idea of dressing them up to reflect your style. After all, they hang on your neck or wrist like any other accessory–would you normally wear an unsightly black nylon necklace if there wasn’t a camera attached to it? Many budget-friendly and diy options are available in a range of looks:

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